Written by Dr. Ian Rainey on Oct. 17th 2015
7 Reasons why people regain the weight they lose
Following a whole food philosophy along with combining nature’s principles and scientific ingenuity, Dr Rainey carries all-natural supplements that magnify nutritional benefits along with being cost-effective. 
Previously recorded on the radio by Ian Rainey
When it comes to weight loss, it is imperative that you know what is going on inside your body. How is your body's garbage  system working?  Do you have high levels of fat storing hormones?  Is your blood sugar fluctuating properly.  If not these all need to be addressed properly so that you can lose weight.
Recorded by Ian Rainey on a previous radio show on 1220AM WERT and 99.7FM 
In this radio show, we will be discussing 10 modern approaches that you can implement today to begin improving your health.